Styling session 6

What I enjoyed the most about styling the gorgeous Jody was the challenge I faced, whilst presenting totally new look ideas to what she’s comfortable with and the contentment that followed by her embracing her sexy curves and loving the new looks!

Hair was styled straight and sleek. I realised how little make up she needed to glow! ( I must say so far all the ladies I styled, needed half of the quantity of make-up I apply to myself , just saying)

Jody has a gorgeous hourglass body shape with defined waist, beautiful decolletage and sexy curves! She doesn’t usually like to flaunt her Kardashians curves but I was determined to prove her wrong!! Let’s say ladies I was successful!

Styling sessions aim to show women the best way to dress for their shape. We often wonder why some things look great on a friend of a same size but not quite right on us. It's never about the size, it all comes down to shape and the knowledge of how to highlight our best assets and disguise those we're not that fond of.

We first picked the Boho floral skirt from my collection and a crop top of salmon colour complimenting her skin. The skirt sat perfectly on her hips highlighting her defined waist. Avoiding high necklines works better for Jody to highlight her beautiful decolletage. I don’t mean necessarily showing too much skin but showing enough where it works!!

The second look I chose faced a bit of resistance from Jody’s side. I picked the two things she wouldn’t usually pick for herself: horizontal stripes and the white colour. While it’s commonly held belief that wearing horizontal stripes will make us look wider, I believe adding stripes to some silhouettes like joggers doesn’t necessarily disadvantage you especially if the stripes aren’t bold or wide. The fabric also plays a big part in that. Same applies to white. Well the picture below speaks for itself and she looked amazing!!

With the third look we made a point by choosing a figure hugging ensemble showcasing Jody’s curvy figure. This va va voom look was my absolute favourite inspired by many 1950s style icons. A black tight bodice with a deep v neckline along with a tight pencil skirt complemented with a gold belt to accentuate the waist. An inspired vintage look that would stand out on any night occasion!

Thanks Jody for trusting me. You looked amazing!!


Melbourne, Vic Australia

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