Styling Session 3

Styling session with this gorgeous friend of mine Jasmine. The time went so quickly and the session turned out to be so productive and fun at the same time.

I’ve known Jasmine to like her particular looks, she isn’t necessarily keen on stepping out of her comfort style. She was happy for me though to show her what works outside her comfort zone so she could take on board new look ideas.

Hair was styled as pin straight giving Jasmine a sleek look. Make up was kept to a minimum with a bit of contouring applied defining her beautiful features without looking unnatural.

We didn’t hit the shops so we tried on her some of the clothes from my collection to see what works.

My favourite look on Jasmine was absolutely the high low polka dot t-shirt with black leggings, which looked amazing giving her an attitude of “edginess” and “coolness”. The t-shirt wasn’t too tight nor too big but just the perfect fit to show her feminine figure without flaunting it.

Jasmine's subsequent looks were jumpsuits. She gave me that “look” when I asked her to try them on but it surely paid off and she was extremely satisfied with how she rocked them both.

The relax jumpsuit is really something she could wear on a date night, friends party or even when she just wants to crash in bed. It looked so fun and playful on her. The elastic waistband gave her silhouette more of a definition around the waist but remained very comfortable.

Trying the below black wide legged jumpsuit with a salmon crop top underneath was a bit risque' for Jasmine’s taste since she isn’t much into showing her skin (which isn’t a bad thing) But after taking few shots in the jumpsuit, it definitely grew on her and she felt really sexy and perhaps "brave" to potentially wearing such a outfit on a night out.

That's all from me today. Catch you later.


Melbourne, Vic Australia

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