Styling session 1 - by Sylvana

Who's better to volunteer for your first styling session than one of your besties?

Thanks Kylie for putting yourself forward. xx

You will see through future styling posts, women with all different body shapes, sizes and heights representing a real sample of us women and not solely the one size one shape kind of woman!

In the pic above, Kylie is wearing the wide legged black jumpsuit from my B&W collection which sat nicely above her ankles. We added a pop of colour underneath with a little red crop tube complementing her rich red hair. Bright red lipstick and some high heels on and .....she looks stunning and ready to go out.

In the second pic, Kylie rocked the high low polka dot tee with lace shorts for a night look and denim shorts for a casual day look.

While we can’t always get things right, but with time we can grow confident in selecting clothing that complement our body shapes and also suit our “personalities".

In my opinion the rule no. 1 is to feel comfortable in what we wear.

When styled, you don't want to look like someone else, you want to still be you, right?

I see many style transformations online but I feel that some women transformed cannot sustain these new looks simply because it's not who they are...Styling shouldn't be a one day changeover but rather a long term transformation to carry forward.

That’s why it's very important to always listen to yourself. For example, If you can't see yourself in a jumpsuit and even after you try it on, you are still not confident in it ditch it for something else ....There’s always something that will work for you :)


Melbourne, Vic Australia

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