Let's smile for a start...

Elegance is as physical as moral quality that has nothing common with the clothing". Karl Lagerfeld

Hi all,

With my very first humble blog I thought I'd start with what I believe elegance and style are to be.....Many of the greatest fashion designers of all time, including Lagarfeld, have taught us that the key secret to elegance isn't in what we wear. Elegance has always been and will always be the elegance of our character and attitude towards people. No matter what we wear if we aren't nice to others people would see us bare!

The blog is all about style, but how dare we be stylish if we have no style within?

Once we wear our smiles and authentic personalities, we are as elegant as any celebrity on the red carpet...:) so let's genuinely smile to each other more often ladies because most of the times that's all we need to stand out :)


Melbourne, Vic Australia

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