Jeans are your best friend

Hi and thanks for being here.

I was wondering whether you’re attached to a pair of Jeans the way I am. A favourite amongst all you have, a go to when everything else fails you.

This garment that only existed in the closets of cowboys, miners and farmers became over the years a clothing necessity that sits in almost every person's wardrobe...

I've always loved Jeans ....It does not favour any age, sex, colour or status. It’s not biased towards any size or body shape. It really is for anyone and it absolutely suits everyone! Maybe finding your right pair of Jeans might take a while but once found….It can be kept for years….like that best friend you have that you’ll never break up with. You might cheat on with new friends once in a while but you will always go back to in times of need.

I forgot to mention “durable and low maintenance” – doesn’t need much washing!! (I hope everyone doesn’t wash their Jeans that often otherwise I’ might sound a bit unhygienic) But in my defence, we all struggle to fit in them after a good wash so I try to keep my Jeans unwashed until I’m ready for such a challenge!

Jeans are also versatile! That’s a word everyone loves to hear! Yes. Can be worn with high heels and a nice top on a night out, with a warm skivvy and a pair of boots on a cold winter day, and “my favourite look of all “with a white tee and flats :)

Jeans and a t-shirt look has to be the perfect look if there’s anything such as perfect!

I’m a sucker for the tees with graphic, pictures or just words; these go so well with it too. There’s something about this look that makes it cool and trendy.

So now lets try to find you your right pair of Jeans!

  • If you carry extra weight around your middle, you're probably an apple shape. Apple shaped women need to forgo completely any high rise Jeans which emphasise the midsection as they need some tummy coverage. Try to find mid-rise jeans with a bootcut leg. Your darker styles tend to be more flattering than lighter washes.

  • For pear shapes bodies, avoid low rise Jeans as they will create a muffin top look. Try high waist cuts that will cinch you in and define your small waist. A bootcut leg style or a little flare on the legs would be appropriate as it would balance out your body proportions. Again darker washes with added stretch will help to define your shape.

  • Women with very long legs face the struggle of finding Jeans that are long enough. One key point is to avoid high rise styles as they will make your legs look even longer. Try to find the longer styles but if you can’t, you could always try the crop ones as they look intentionally short.

  • The hourglass body shape is proportioned and can carry almost any style but the main thing to avoid is the waistband gap. To find your right Jeans go for mid rise styles with a bit of stretchy material to hug your curves and a contoured waistband to avoid the gap on your small waist.


  1. For flat bottoms try to avoid any boyfriend styles. Go instead for more fitting styles with back pocket details which would boost your shape from behind.

  2. For big bottoms avoid the pockets with extra detailing. Large plain back pockets would suit the best.

  3. For wide bottoms the pockets positioned more closely together can visually slim your rear view.

  4. For low bottoms smaller pockets placed higher up on the seat tend to give your rear end a little visual lift.

Hope this helps :)



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