I have nothing to wear!

A sentence most women have said at least once before.

Whether you’re skinny or full figured, a stay home mum or a business woman, financially comfortable or a bit stressed, you would've faced this dilemma before.

Well I don’t know if you agree with me here but do you sometimes find the garments you buy at stores looking different at home?

Might be the stores lights, the dressing rooms mirrors, the ” know how to sell“ shop assistants or just the thrill to spend. The reality is many times when we get home, and try on the things we bought, we often don't like them anymore!

"What was I thinking? I have nothing to wear tonight!"

When you browse at a store, you might stumble upon trendy fashion, different cuts, fabulous textiles and some gorgeous colours. We can all get sucked in with what's in trend or what did look good on someone we know....and that's ok. Sourcing ideas from others or from the stores windows could be a good inspiration. Though sometimes we may get very brave and impulsive ending up with outfits completely untrue to who we are .... the clothes go on to being either returned ( if we are smart enough to keep the tags on) or kept in our closets with the hope that one day they might grow on us somehow !! (which rarely happens).

When I was very young I didn't have much say in my clothes choice of course. My mum used to dress me and my two younger sisters with beautiful designer clothes but the cringing part here is that most of the time they were identical outfits in different colours! Excuse my exaggeration here but I personally believe that was a big fashion crime. Might have looked cute then but really??? Come on mum! So I had my revenge when I got bit older with all the money I spent on clothes and defining my own style!!

Over the years I got better in knowing what suits me, I created a style, whilst may not be suitable or may not speak to every woman, authentic to me. It's like having your own signature over your looks. Once you know your style and regardless of your body shape you tend to spend less time wondering what to buy because you really know what suits you. Shopping will then transform from this annoying stressful experience to an enjoyable session, where it's a matter of searching for exactly "that look or that dress" which you know work well for you. As opposed to shopping without any guidance faced with an overwhelming plethora of choices and where you end up buying what you will not wear!

If you are having a struggle in knowing what looks suit you most, you could always start by :

- not rushing your shopping experience, taking your time whilst trying things on, maybe taking some selfies to revisit at home later.

- or you could take a friend that you trust and value their honest opinion

- or you could find a good stylist or a personal shopper who has an eye for what looks best on you.

At the end of the day, we all know that clothes never define us. Whilst confidence stems from far more important things that are deep within us, being comfortable and happy in how we present ourselves to the world is definitely a booster!


Melbourne, Vic Australia

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