Styling Session 3

Styling session with this gorgeous friend of mine Jasmine. The time went so quickly and the session turned out to be so productive and fun at the same time. I’ve known Jasmine to like her particular looks, she isn’t necessarily keen on stepping out of her comfort style. She was happy for me though to show her what works outside her comfort zone so she could take on board new look ideas. Hair was styled as pin straight giving Jasmine a sleek look. Make up was kept to a minimum with a bit of contouring applied defining her beautiful features without looking unnatural. We didn’t hit the shops so we tried on her some of the clothes from my collection to see what works. My favourite look on Jasm

Jeans are your best friend

Hi and thanks for being here. I was wondering whether you’re attached to a pair of Jeans the way I am. A favourite amongst all you have, a go to when everything else fails you. This garment that only existed in the closets of cowboys, miners and farmers became over the years a clothing necessity that sits in almost every person's wardrobe... I've always loved Jeans ....It does not favour any age, sex, colour or status. It’s not biased towards any size or body shape. It really is for anyone and it absolutely suits everyone! Maybe finding your right pair of Jeans might take a while but once found….It can be kept for years….like that best friend you have that you’ll never break up with. You mig

Styling session 2 -by Sylvana

A new styling session with another gorgeous lady of my tribe who also happens to be my Yoga teacher Karen at KJ Yoga. Highly recommend her yoga classes by the way, you should give it a go! After one coffee or two, we decided to play dress up! What I wanted to achieve in Karen’s session is to highlight her curves and emphasise on her waist having an hourglass body shape. She had a go at a black and white top from my collection with two different skirts. A high waisted circle skirt that did not flatter her figure , hid her waist and distorted her shape. The pencil skirt on the other hand, defined the waist and smoothed out the thighs. This second look is a winner. The white dress has a fitte

Styling session 1 - by Sylvana

Who's better to volunteer for your first styling session than one of your besties? Thanks Kylie for putting yourself forward. xx You will see through future styling posts, women with all different body shapes, sizes and heights representing a real sample of us women and not solely the one size one shape kind of woman! In the pic above, Kylie is wearing the wide legged black jumpsuit from my B&W collection which sat nicely above her ankles. We added a pop of colour underneath with a little red crop tube complementing her rich red hair. Bright red lipstick and some high heels on and .....she looks stunning and ready to go out. In the second pic, Kylie rocked the high low polka dot tee with la

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